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Office Safes

We offer you a selection of office safes manufactured by market leading brands and all safes include free UK delivery. Whether you need security or fire protection, we have a variety in various insurance ratings ranging up to £100,000 of cash and £1,000,000 of valuables. Furthermore we stock office safes which offer protection against fire damage with a fire resistance up to 120 minutes. If you need help finding the product that matches your needs, our experienced customer service is ready to help you with any of your questions.

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  1. Chubbsafes HomeSafe 70 KL
    Regular Price ££729.00 Special Price ££650.00
  2. Chubbsafes HomeSafe 35 KL
    Regular Price ££619.00 Special Price ££529.00
  3. De Raat DRS Combi-Fire 1E Security Safe
    Regular Price ££869.00 Special Price ££629.00
  4. De Raat DRS Combi-Fire 1K Security Safe
    Regular Price ££679.00 Special Price ££469.00
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Which office safe to buy? 

Before you can start thinking which office safe you will buy it is important to consider what items you will be keeping in it. Secondly, consider the total value of these items. Some documents do not directly have a high value but may be more sensitive to theft. The higher the value you will be keeping in, the higher graded safe you should consider. We stock safes with an Insurance Rating worth £5,000 up to £100,000 for cash. Please note that these ratings are certified per manufacturer and you must therefore check with your insurer for the exact rating they set. If you need a safe to frequently submit money in, consider our dedicated deposit safe.

Insurance ratings

Most office safes are graded in accordance with the European body.This grading system is important for insurance reasons, as the contents of a safe will only be insured for the correct value if the safe carries a matching grade. You should distinguish the following different norms:

  • EN 14450, Security Level S1 en S2
  • EN 1143-1, Grade 0 t/m VI

EN 14450 graded safes are specially designed for home and office use when securing documents and data with little risk of theft. The insurance rating is  £2,000 for Security Level S1 and £4,000 for Security Level S2. 

EN 1143-1 graded safes are specially designed for securing documents and data with a high insurance rating. Within EN-1143-1, safes are graded 0 for the lowest insurance rating up to VI (6) for the highest insurance rating. Grade 0 equals up to £6,000 and Grade VI (6) equals an amount up to £150,000.

Fire ratings

If you want to protect the safe's contents from fire damage, it is important to consider a safe with a fire resistant rating. It refers to the durationexpressed in minutes that contents will remain protected from excessive heat and fire. The fire resistant ratings are split up into 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes. Choosing the right safe depends on the contents you will be keeping in. Data such as USB and hard disks are more vulnerable to fire damage than for instance paper. Therefore fire safes are split up into document safes and data safes.


Most office safes have holes already pre-drilled suitable for floor or wall fixing. The installment differs per safe and bolds are not always included. European certified security security are always delivered with fixing bolds. Please check product details for all exact information.