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Laptop Safe

Laptop safes are ideal to securely store electronic valuables such as you laptop, notebook and tablet at home or at the office. All safes either come with key lock or user-friendly digital lock and are available in different sizes suitable to fit laptops up to 17" inch. All laptop safes are crafted by market leading brands and include free UK delivery.

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Which laptop safe to buy

When buying a laptop safe it's important to look at the size of the opening to make sure your laptop fits. We offer laptop safes that can safely store most laptops up to 17". These safes have an opening of 38-41 cm. You can usually store up to 3 laptops and some important documents in the safe depending on your type of laptop. Our laptop safes offer a valuables rating of up to £ 10.000,- which is enough for most laptops and a few valuable belongings.

A laptop safe is meant for burglary protection only. If you need to protect your laptop and its' contents from fire, we advice you to take a look at our fire proof data safes which are designed to keep data media safe.

Bolting down your laptop safe

A laptop safe if relatively light weight and always requires fixating to prevent the safe from just being taken away without opening. Al laptop safes have holes in the base and back for bolting it down onto a strong concrete wall or floor.

A laptop safe for your car

A laptop safe is usually meant for use at home or at the office. We also have laptop solution for on the road. The Protector laptop safe is designed to be fitted in the trunk of your car with a special mounting systems that can be bolted down and securely locked with a padlock. 

Recommended usage of a laptop safe

Laptop safes are often used at the following locations:

  • Home or office use
  • Hotel rooms / Hotel Safes
  • Student accommodation
  • Bed and breakfast
  • Care and nursing homes
  • Hospital wards