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Key Safes

Key safes are ideal if you are looking for a safe place to organise and secure your key system. We stock a variety of key safes and key cabinets to store up to 3000 keys. Key safes are available with key, combination or electronic locks. Key cabinets are popular if large quantities of keys are handled every day. Free UK delivery is included on all key safes and key cabinets.

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Which key safe to buy

If you are looking for key safe it is important to consider how many keys you will secure in it. We supply key safes to store 1 key up to 4,000 keys which is recommended for businesses like hotels, car rental companies. real estate agents, landlords or any other business who deals with large amounts of keys and wants to manage all keys securely at one place. Some weatherproof key safes are especially designed for exterior fixing. With plenty of choice we are sure you will find the right key safe. We stock safes in a large budget range and ideally you should choose a safe that matches the security level you require to have. It is also important to consult your insurer as sometimes insurance companies may have additional requirements on the maximum cash or valuable rating.

Insurance ratings

Some key safes are graded in accordance with the European body.This grading system is important for insurance reasons, as the contents of a safe will only be insured for the correct value if the safe carries a matching grade. You should distinguish the following different norms:

  • EN 14450, Security Level S1 en S2
  • EN 1143-1, Grade 0 t/m VI

EN 14450 graded safes are specially designed for home and office use when securing documents and data with little risk of theft. The insurance rating is  £2,000 for Security Level S1 and £4,000 for Security Level S2. 

EN 1143-1 graded safes are specially designed for securing documents and data with a high insurance rating. Within EN-1143-1, safes are graded 0 for the lowest insurance rating up to VI (6) for the highest insurance rating. Grade 0 equals up to £6,000 and Grade VI (6) equals an amount up to £150,000.


Some key safes are free-standing whereas others can be fixed to a solid floor or wall. Please check product specific details for more information.