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Hotel Safe

Your hotel guests will expect a safe to secure their valuables while staying in your hotel. We stock a variety of hotel safes with a cash rating of at least £1,000 to provide your guests the important peace of mind that their valuables are securely locked away. All hotel safes come with a digital lock which allows user friendly reprogramming while being perfectly secure from outside manipulation. All safes include free UK delivery.

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Which hotel safe to buy

The most important feature for a hotel safe is the lock. A hotel safe is meant to be programmed by guests with a PIN code of their chosing on arrival and easily reset by the next guest. A hotel safe lock allows for reprogramming the code when the door is open by using a reset code. This code however does not do anything once the door is shut. When shut, the safe can only be opened with the PIN code or in case of emergeny or a defect with a master code or override key. 

These days most travellers have a laptop or notebook with them. Keep this in mind when choosing a safe. The Chubbsafes Air Hotel Safe of Saga Laptop Hotel Safe are designed with a wider opening to easily store most laptops up to 17".

There are many examples of cheap hotel safes being easily manipulated and broken into. These are equiped with cheap electronic locking mechanismes that combine a PIN code with a manually operated lock. We only provide fully electronic locked hotel safes which are impossible to manipulate. 

Installing hotel safes

All hotel safes are designed for fixing against the wall and floor. Most hotel rooms install the safe in a closet or cupboard. Therefore wall mounting is usually prefered. Bolts or anchors are included with your safe. 

Recommended uses for hotel safes

Of course a hotel safe can come in handy in numerous locations other than hotels. We often recommended the use of hotel safes locations like:

  • Hotel rooms
  • Student accommodation
  • Bed and breakfast
  • Care and nursing homes
  • Hospital wards