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Home Safes

Home safes are smaller safes which are ideal for use at home. Home safes are a good choice for any home owner to secure smaller amount of cash, jewellery, valuables and important documents. Home safes are available with a variety of locking options ranging from a standard double bitted key lock to electronic locks with one or more PIN codes or an advanced fingerprint lock. Choose a safe with enough storage space for your personal needs. All safes are available in multiple sizes. For the best burglary protection, choose a home safe with a burglary certificate for guaranteed resistance.

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  1. De Raat ET 1 Home Safe
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Which home safe to buy?

When buying a home safe it's important to consider what you will be storing in it. Consider the value of cash and belongings that are irreplaceable such as paperwork and photos. Most safes for home use have a cash rating ranging between £1,000 and £6,000 and valuables rating ranging between £10,000 and £60,000. If you will be storing a higher amount of valuables in your safe, you will need a security safe with a higher cash and valuables rating.

We recommend to buy a safe with a higher rating than the amount you are initially planning on storing in it. Sometimes insurance companies may have additional requirements on the maximum cash or valuable rating. Also consider if you wish to protect the contents from burglary, fire damage or perhaps both. If you have a limited budget, please see our dedicated low priced budget safes.  If you are specifically looking for a safe which is approved by insurance companies, please see our dedicated AiS Approved safes.

Home Safe Test Specifications

When you are looking to buy a home safe you will find yourself with plenty of choice. Only some home safes are tested in accordance with the strict European security standard EN 14450 for resistance to burglary attack. Founded in 2005, EN 14450 certified home safes are qualified for storing cash and valuables. Within EN 14450, home safes are either qualified as Security Level S1 (grade S1) or Security Level S2 (grade S2). S1 certified home safes have a cash rating of  £2,000 or valuables rating of £20,000. S2 certified home safes have a rating of £4,000 cash or £40,000 valuables.

Installing your home safe

Home safes have pre-drilled holes in the back and/ or base suitable for floor or wall fixing. The installment differs per home safe and bolds are not always included. European certified home safes are always delivered with fixing bolds. Please check product details for all exact information.