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Fireproof Filing Cabinet

We stock a variety of fireproof filing cabinets which are specially designed to protect large amounts of documents from fire damage. The fireproof cabinets are available in different sizes and up to 4 drawers. Fireproof filing cabinets provide a high level of protection and are up to 90 minutes fire resistant for paper documents. The cabinets are also designed to prevent its contents from water damage caused by sprinklers and water hoses.

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Which fireproof filing cabinet to buy?

If you are looking for more space to protect your important paper documents and belongings at your office, you will find yourself with an excellent choice for fireproof filing cabinet available with vertical or lateral drawers.

The difference between a fireproof filing cabinet and a fireproof safe is that a cabinet is mostly used for the protection of large amounts of paper documentations, certificates and other paperworks which you would like to protect from fire damage. Only a certified fireproof filing cabinet will protect documents from extreme temperatures of a fire for up to two hours.

Furthermore, a high-security keylock protects your content from theft. Fireproof filing cabinets are often free-standing and therefore don't offer burglar protection. If you wish to protect your paperwork also against burglary, please see our dedicated security safes and office safes.

If you are looking for a portable and lightweight firesafe solution, consider our dedicated .

Protection from theft

It is possible that you want to protect the contents from burglary as well. Most fireproof filing cabinets are free-standing, as pre-drilled holes for floor or wall mounted fixings may compromise the integrity of the fire resistance. This makes it easier to physically remove the safe, especially for smaller lightweight units. If you are looking for a fire safe with security protection, we advise you to look for a safe tested in accordance with the European norms for resistance to burglary attempts. These standards are EN 14450 S1 and S2 as well as EN1143-1.

Some of our fireproof safes also offer burglary protection. We advise you to consult with your insurer, as they may have additional requirements for the insurance rating.