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Fireproof Box

A fireproof box is ideal for use at home and due to the compact, versatile and portable design you can easily take it anywhere. We stock a variety of fireproof boxes and chests crafted by market leading brands. A fireproof document box can store paper documents or data media and offer protection to your valuables from fire damage for up to 60 minutes. A fireproof box is a small and portable solution for basic fire protection. Need more storage and security? Check out our fireproof safes.

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Which fireproof box to buy?

When you are looking for a fireproof chest, it's first important to consider the amount of storing space you need. Our selection includes up to 24 litres capacity. The document boxes are specifically designed to safely keep important papers, passports, keys and a small amount of money in. The carrying handle attached to the chest offers convenience to take it anywhere.

Besides fireproof, the boxes are also waterproof. The content is protected from water with a waterproof sealing around the opening. If you are looking for more fire resistant space, please consider our fireproof safes or document safes.