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Fireproof Safes

A fireproof safe is designed to protect it's contents for a specific amount of time from fire and water damage. A good fire safe is build according to European standards and is certified by an independant testing institute such as the ECB-S. A certified fireproof safe guarantees the content of the safe will remain under the critical temperature for paper of data media for the specified duration of 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. 

Choose from a large range of certified fireproof safes and boxes for home and office use. Our fireproof safes and cabinets are available with a variety of locking options. Find the right fire safe for your needs by selection the right type and duration of fire protection.

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Testing and certification of fireproof safes

Fireproof safes and cabinets are tested for:

  • Paper documents such as contracts, deeds and certificates. The critical temperature for paper is reached at 176°C. At this temperature paper will start to ignite and get damaged beyond recovery. Fire safes that offer protection for paper are often refered to as document safes.  
  • Data Media such as CD's/ DVD's, hard drives and USB drives. The critical temperature for these types of data media is reached at 75°C. 

  • Data Media such as back-up tapes, (micro)films and floppy drives. The critical temperature for these types of data media is reached at 52°C or a relative humidity of 85%. Above this threshold the data media will be permanently damaged. Data safes offer the highest fire protection among fireproof safes and are build according to the highest standards. 
Note: A data safe offers the best fire protection. Of course these safes are also a good choice for securing paper documents.

Fire resistance certifications

Fire resistance is often indicated only by the duration. It's not uncommon for cheap budget safes to have an indication for fire resistance thats is undocumented or certified by an accredited certification body. Ratings should not be trusted unless the safe comes with a classification from an accredited certification body.

The following test standards are most reliable:

  • EN 1047-1 - Tested at 1090°C and granted S60P / S120P classification for 60/120 minutes of fireproof protection for paper or S60DIS / S120DIS for 60/120 minutes protection for data media. EN 1047-1 testing also includes a drop test of 9,15 meters. 
  • EN 15659 - Tested at 850°C and granted LFS30 / LFS60 classification for 30/60 minutes of fireproof protection for paper documents. (Not suited for data storage.)
  • UL 72 - Tested at 1000°C and granted Class 350 classification 0,5/1/2 hours of fireproof protection for paper or Class 125 for 0,5/1/2 hours for data media.
  • NT Fire 017 - Tested at 1090°C and granted 60/120 Paper or 60/120 Diskette classification.

For the best fire proof safe, choose a safe certified according to the EN 1047-1 or UL72 standards.

Which fire safe to buy?

While selecting the fireproof safe to fit your requirements, consider the following questions:

  1. What type of content are you going to store in the safe? Paper, data, valuables and/ or hardware? 
  2. What is the value and risk for the content? (High value and risk content requires higher standards)
  3. How much storage space do you need? Now and in the future?
  4. Do you also need burglary protection?
Use these question to select the right safe for you with enough space and the appropriate level of protection.

Burglarly protection of fireproof safes

Fireproof safes are designed and build to keep the inside temperature below crititcal levels. Therefor the construction is designed with measures that isolate the hull of the safe and withstand heat. Unless extra measures are taken to strenghten the safe, a fireproof safe is not highly burglary resistant.

If you are looking for a fireproof safe with high security from theft, you need a safe with two certifications: one for fire resistance and one for burglary resistance.

Look for a safe with EN 14450 S1/ S2 or EN1143-1 certification in addition to the fire rating. We also advise you to consult with your insurer, as they may have additional requirements. 

Locking type

The type of lock you choose is unrelated from the level of protection. Consider the amount of people that need acces to the safe. If you are fine with only one or two keyholders, a key lock if a good option.

If you need to grant acces to several people or employees, an electronic key lock might be better. It allows you to set and reset (personal) access codes for all authorized people.