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Positioning and anchoring of safes

Positioning and anchoring requires a specialist

The placement and anchoring of security safes is a specialist job. In particular the handling of a heavy safe can be difficult and dangerous. Experience and the right tools, e.g. a staircase robot, are crucial for a safe installation.

Anchoring of a safe

According the European Standard EN 1143-1 ad EN 14450 any (security) safe weighing less than 1,000 kg, shall be anchored for maximum protection. In most cases this is also demanded by the insurer. 

Do you want to be sure your safe is placed and anchored correctly and safely?
Use the services of and your safe will be installed properly!

Placement and acnhoring by

Kluis plaatsen en verankeren has access to a professional and specialist installer to place and acnhor safes according instruction of manufacturer and actual standards. 

Depending on situation safes are anchored mechanically via the base of back wall. Mutliple anchoring is possible but not necessary for a adequate anchoring. Eventually chamical anchoring can be applied if required.

Even when drilling in existing floor or walls is not permitted, we still can fix the safe. With modern adhesives a strong fixing can be realised. 

Fixing service - placement and anchoring

  • Installation date in consultation by phone
  • Delivery and pacement by profeesional and experienced engineers
  • Placement on ground floor or other floors accessible per lift or staircase
  • Discreet delivery
When ordering the exact type of delivery can be selected. Extremities placements and anchroing on request only.

Kraan installatie kluisKraan installatie kluisKraan installatie kluis