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Delivery and Position

This service will be completed by a specialist team whether it be a ground floor position or via the upper floors.

Delivery and Bolt Down

Our specialists can also can complete a bolt down installation service, We recommend that it would be a solid concrete floor or a solid wall being used. The safe will be bolted down using anchor bolts, these will be supplied along with the safe upon delivery. 

If a solid concrete floor is not an option, we can also bolt down into solid wood. Floor joists would be fine to use, but heavy duty wood screws would be required before we could complete the installation.

Professional installation of your security and fire safe

A safe with a weight of more than 100 kg is no exception. If it then has to be brought up via a spiral staircase, this is a job that should not be underestimated. A safe, such as a washing machine, does not have ridges or legs that provide grip, which makes it easier to lift. We strongly advise against lifting the safe itself. It is not an everyday job and not without danger.

A safe should also be anchored to prevent it from being easily taken along. According to the European Standard for burglar-proof safes, a safe must be anchored at a weight of less than 1000 kg. Anchoring is not complex, but it must be carried out correctly in order to achieve good adhesion.

In addition, many insurers require that the installation and anchoring be carried out by a recognised and certified installer who is a member of VGW (Association for Money and Value Saving) and ESSA (The International Security Association for security products).

Recognised and certified installation by is part of Marzan Security, member of VGW and works together with an ESSA and ECB.S certified installation service. This installation service has the right knowledge and resources to anchor safes correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and applicable standards.

Depending on the situation, safes are mechanically or chemically anchored via the bottom and/or back wall. Multiple anchors are also possible, but not necessary for an adequate anchoring.

Procedure for installation service by

  1. You order the desired safe including installation option.
  2. If necessary, we will coordinate your specific situation, requirements and wishes with you.
  3. The safe is prepared and equipped with any options and accessories.
  4. The installation team picks up the safe from our warehouse or from the manufacturer.
  5. In consultation with you, an installation date will be agreed upon (take into account the delivery time of the safe + 1 week).
  6. We will arrive on site and install the safe at the desired location.
  7. We put the safe into operation and dispose of all the packaging material.
  8. After delivery, you sign off the work order.

Installation option security and fire safes

  1. Delivery of safes by steps or stairs
  2. Delivery and position
  3. Delivery and professional installation

Installation FAQ

Can I install my own safe ?

  •    Yes, But please check with your insurer first as some insurers require a qualified engineer to carry out the installation.

How much does installation cost?

  •    The cost of installation varies from different products depending on size and weight. The cost of installation should be included on each                 individual item when you browse the SafesStore shop.

Am I able bolt down a safe if I have underfloor heating ?

  •     If there is no method of fixing the safe to the wall and there is underfloor heating. We would then recommend chemical fixing,                          But we would recommend that you check with your insurer first to see if they are happy to agree to this work being completed.

Additional Questions? 

If you have any further questions with regards to installation, please do not hesitate to ask and Contact one of our team.